August 1st, 2018

2018 Packing List Posted

Find the 2018 Packing List for teams and competitors here.

July 30th, 2018

2018 Top Sniper Registration Open!

When: Tuesday August 21st – Check in at CSC Headquarters at 0800 hours.

Where: Shoot will be held at 1230 hours at Hartford Gun Club in East Granby with check in there at 1200 hours.

Cost: $50 per sniper

Equipment needed: No body armor, standard call out sniper kit, bdu pants and long sleeve top, soft cap allowed.

2018 Top Sniper Registration.

July 10th, 2018

2018 Top Cop and Tactical Rescue Challenge Registration is Open!

Announcing the 1st Annual Z-Medica/North American Rescue Tactical Rescue Challenge!

When: Monday August 20th 0700-1600

Where: 8761 Round Hill Rd. Farmington, CT 06032

Format: 2 person team, 12 teams, 3 events.

Cost: $100 per team

Equipment Needed: Tactical clothing + footwear, Tac Vest/Helmet, Eye Pro, Gas Mask.

Event Cadre: State Police Tactical Medic, Navy SEAL, ER Doctor SWAT certified, DELTA PA, Army Rangers, WHPD Tactical Medic EMTI

This 3 stage event will be realistic, grueling and 100% relevant to what a tactical medic would face in the field and in a critical incident. The Event Cadre is second to none and this is the first ever medic challenge at the Connecticut SWAT Challenge. There are limited spaces so enroll now.

The 2018 Top Cop Registration is also open! Register for both events here.

February 23rd, 2018

The 2018 CT SWAT Challenge is a go!

We are so excited to announce the 2018 Connecticut SWAT Challenge is a go and this will be our 14th annual training competition. Registration for teams and sponsors/vendors will go live March 1st 2018 and we suggest you don’t delay in signing up. Slots for teams are almost all full with only 36 spaces this year, we will be able to have the most comprehensive, challenging event to date. Companies interested in coming need to contact Lt. Chris Chappell immediately to secure a space. We will be offering classes and a surprise announcement coming soon…….

July 29th, 2017

New Classes for 2017 CSC Posted!

Battlefield Tactical Emergency Care, Advanced Sniper, and Movement to and on the Objective classes have been posted. Click here for further details and registration.

July 11th, 2017

2017 Top Cop Registration Open

Think you have what it takes to be the 2017 Connecticut SWAT Challenge Top Cop? This grueling 3 part event, is open to individuals who are L/E, Military, Corrections or Federal Officers. You MUST be active, with proof of service and able to perform at the highest level. The field is limited to 40 Top Cop wannabes and will close as soon as we hit that number. Top Cops will compete in physical fitness challenge, handgun challenge and rifle challenge. The prize winners will be more than excited and the competition will be great as always.

Oh, and the first 30 Top Cop registrants who pay will be entered into a raffle for 10 of you to win a full Under Armour Outfit Prize package to include: Boots, BDU Pants and a UA tactical shirt. Thank you to UnderArmour for once again PROVING they support the men and women who make this great country safe!! #UnderArmourrocks

Cost is $50. Register here.

Also coming soon…….Battlefield Tactical Emergency Care, Advanced Sniper and Movement to and on the Objective. All three of these classes will be announced this week and as has always been our CSC motto, we bring the best to give you the best. This year, our class attendees will be able to hear and learn from Special Operations personnel who will share their real world expereince. Need we say more?

February 23rd, 2017

2017 News and Update

The dates are set, the competition is on. The 2017 Connecticut SWAT Challenge will be held August 22nd-August 24th 2017. We also will have classes (new ones that will be the best offered at any SWAT comp) on Aug 20-21. We already have attracted a host of new teams so Team Registration OPENS NOW and ends May 15, 2017. The team fee is $500 and hotel reservations can be made now at Avon Old Farms Hotel 860-677-1651. Team size is 7-10 competitors, of which 1 should be a dedicated sniper and one other able to if needed. This event is open to all L/E, Military, Corrections, Federal and State ESU/SRT/SWAT/Special Operations personnel. All current information will be released on our Facebook page as well. Follow us here.

Team Registration

Sponsor Registration

2017 CSC Flyer

Contact CT SWAT Challenge Director Lt. Jeremy Clark at or 860-967-8817 with any questions.

July 30th, 2016

Video Diagnostic Pistol Course Update

Due to strong demand for this class, we are now changing it to a one day course that will be offered on both Sunday August 21st 2016 and Monday August 22nd 2016 from 0800 to 1600 hours. The cost will be $200. When registering please indicate your date preference and we will do our best to accommodate you. Register here. Those who already registered for the two day course will be issued a refund and contacted about date preference.

July 15th, 2016

2016 Classes/Competitions

To All competitors, attendees and interested entrants: The 2016 Connecticut SWAT Challenge is thrilled to offer some of the best classes the L/E world has ever seen! And thanks to the generous instructors themselves and Our Heroes Fund, you will never see these classes at a better price. We have world class Instructors coming from accross the globe for the sole purpose of bringing the most up to date, tried and true tactical techniques so you can be better and more proficient in your job. Here they are:

  • TACTICAL QUESTIONING: Learn from the best how to prevent, detect and react to the terrorist threat AND then how to interview human assets and suspects who have been trained to subvert L/E to further their missions of terror. This class is hands on, practicum based, and taught by combat hardened Intel folks who have handled interviews of top tier targets. On Line Pre-Registration is mandatory and open to L/E and Military ONLY.
  • VIDEO DIAGNOSTIC PISTOL: Spend two days getting individual, hands on expert analysis from one of the best there is from the world of Special Operations, former Army Ranger, Special Forces and Special Mission Unit Operator John McPhee. If you truly want to improve in leaps and bounds, and bring back lessons to your tactical team, than this course is for you. On Line Pre-Registration is mandatory and open ONLY to L/E and Military personnel.
  • TACTICAL EMERGENCY CASUALTY CARE TRAIN THE TRAINER: This course is a must for the Officer who is entrusted with bringing the latest and best field trauma tecniques to the tactical and line Officers. Taught by an ER Doctor, former Navy SEAL PA, Tactical Medic and active SWAT personnel, this course will save lives plain and simple. Pre-Register on line and open to L/E and first responders alike
  • TOP COP: OK lets be real, this is the hardest, most grueling Top Cop competition in the United States. This is for the best of the best, type A individual who feels at their best when pushed the hardest. You will compete in a handgun event, rifle event and physical fitness event that will showcase just how good you all are. You MUST Pre-Register on line and the field is limited to 40 TOP COP ENTRIES
  • TOP SNIPER: A great multiple stage event that always attracts the best snipers in the profession. open to L/E and Military, we will be using real world cutting edge courses to test your mettle. This is PRE-REGISTER and you must bring your own firearm.
  • OPEN HANDGUN AND OPEN RIFLE: These are open to ALL Officers, L/E, Military who want to test their markmanship. The guns and ammo are provided for you, so just show up on Tuesday August 23rd and sign up for each shoot at the CSC HQ. Awesome prizes and lots of fun on courses that will be sure to make you push hard

Click here for more information.