May 16th, 2020

2020 CT SWAT Challenge Postponed until 2021

As all of you know from the rich 16 year tradition of the Connecticut SWAT Challenge, our first mission and priority has been all of you and your loved ones. Everything we’ve done, everything we’ve tried to accomplish is with the goal in mind of keeping all of you safe and your loved ones comforted in knowing what you are doing and training for is to bring you home to them. With that in mind, we have made the decision to postpone the 2020 Connecticut SWAT Challenge until August of 2021, at which time we will again host the best tactical SWAT training event in the country. COVID19 has altered so much as far as work and life patterns and the need to ensure a safe host environment for our volunteers, competitors, vendors and sponsors, visitors, guests and personnel could not be guaranteed at this time so we had to make the announcement after waiting as long as we could to have a final call on this. We know and hope that as we are returning to normal, all of you then certainly continue training and real life preparedness, but we in good conscience could not ask all of you to leave your families to come here to Connecticut no matter how great the training event is. Stay home, stay safe and stay with your loved ones when then need you most and please make up for lost time. Let us be clear, THIS IS A POSTPONEMENT ONLY AND WE ARE 100% ON TARGET FOR AUGUST 2021. More announcement will be forthcoming and will be excited beyond measure to host the 2021 CSC so make sure you are ready!!! Thank you all and God bless.